Four Automotive Innovations To Be Thankful For

by Miranda Milillo - Posted 1 week ago

Thanksgiving is just around the corner - a time for indulging in second helpings, catching up with relatives you rarely see, and trying your best to stay awake during the Cowboys game after the turkey coma hits.

It’s also a time of reflection, reminding us to appreciate the things that bring happiness to our lives. Whether you're off to the grocery store to grab the Thanksgiving feast essentials or chauffeuring the family to the in-laws', holiday travel reminds of the value of having a reliable vehicle.

As we give thanks to our cars, we should also acknowledge the recent advancements that have been made in the automotive industry. With a plethora of cutting-edge features, the driving experience today is safer and more convenient than ever before. Before you jump into Thanksgiving preparations, here are four notable automotive innovations, both recent and semi-recent, that deserve appreciation:

Collision Avoidance Technology

While airbags were a massive step forward for vehicle safety, modern automakers are now focused on preventing accidents before they're given a chance to deploy. This is where advanced collision avoidance systems (CAS) come into play.

The first (extremely rudimentary) rearview backup camera was introduced way back with the 1956 Buick Centurion, and today, that feature comes standard with most new vehicles. However, car manufacturers have expanded their goals to include fully-integrated driver assistance systems that do more than just alert drivers about nearby vehicles. These systems can assume control of the car's functions to proactively avoid potential accidents. It's the closest we've come to wrapping our cars in a protective force field (for now), and it continues to save lives every day.

Mobile App Interconnectivity

In a world that's more connected than ever, our cars have become part of the mobile network tapestry. While Bluetooth connectivity and other methods of linking your phone to your vehicle have been around for over a decade, there has been a recent surge in the popularity of connected mobile apps.

Many car manufacturers now prioritize integrating numerous compatible applications, making the transition from home or office to the vehicle more seamless than ever. Assuming this trend continues (and why wouldn't it?), a decade from now, it may be easier to list the things your car can't do.

EcoBoost Engines

As technology grows, so too does our shared sense of responsibility. Our greatest responsibility lies in our planet's continued health and habitability. Ford's EcoBoost engine, designed with this core belief in mind, offers a sustainable alternative to conventional gas and diesel engines. This turbocharged petrol engine harnesses the power of direct injection technology, delivering comparable power and torque to standard engines, while significantly improving fuel efficiency. It boosts fuel economy by 20% and reduces greenhouse emissions by 15%.

As we venture further into the 21st century, expect a rise in electric vehicles and eco-friendly choices. EcoBoost engines, being affordable and versatile compared to more traditional options, are likely to continue growing in popularity.

LED Headlights

Ever since their introduction in 2004, LED headlights have become the preference for many car manufacturers, specifically luxury brands. And it's no wonder - LED lights offer numerous advantages over traditional halogen and tungsten lights. These benefits include longer lifespans, enhanced visibility, and lower electricity consumption. As a result, LED headlights have a significant impact on reducing maintenance costs.

Not only that, LED lights provide a wider range of color options compared to halogen's various shades of yellow. While we may not yet be able to perfectly replicate perfect daylight during our evening commutes, LED lights are guiding us towards a brighter future.

The Rest Is Gravy

We have plenty to be thankful for here at Northside Auto Sales - but nothing more so than our loyal customers. Before you hit the road to begin your holiday adventures, schedule a test drive with us today, or learn more about selling your vehicle. This holiday season, leave nothing off your wish list with the help of Northside Auto Sales!